Acoustic Americana Rockers & Balladeers
JC & Laney are first & foremost, established high-energy entertainers with improvised banter, signature harmonies & memorable songs that run the gamut between folk, blues, pop, rock & comedy.
Their 7th and most recent CD, Hard Road to Easy Street, as well as 2 individual songs from that release were on the first round ballot for the 58th Grammy Awards of 2016, and their song, When It Comes to Love, was first place among the finalists in the Grammy Amplifier Contest with 194,000 votes.
This dynamic musical duo has been performing in the Western United States 60 to 100 times each year in Theaters, House Concerts & Festivals for the past 9 years.
With 7 CDs under their belt since 2010, they work with legendary producer, Steve Wood, the former keyboardist and musical director for Kenny Loggins.
Together, they write, sing harmony & perform their own compositions, purely & simply with 2 voices & 1 guitar, but may also include accompanying fiddle or keyboard.

They have a catalog of about 80 original compositions, and all of them can be performed on a street corner or on any stage.
You can hear them on Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Apple Music, and dozens of NPR & Internet station. 

What A Fun Album!  
HARD ROAD TO EASY STREET. I’m listening now –two lead vocals are perfectly matched. They’re both so charismatic and full of character and swagger, delivering catchy melodies with plenty of assurance and great vocal harmonies! Your lyrics are evocative and poetic, and the arrangements are well performed and full of great American roots flavor – well done, Laney!! I’m happy to add HARD ROAD TO EASY STREET to my list for my ballot!
Winifred Phillips- Composer, Sony Entertainment Europe
Delectable fare! 
Here’s the whole package; exceptional vocals, awesome harmony and very pretty guitar parts plucked with precision. When It Comes To Love and Hard Road To Easy Street are a vocal treat. Will You Be There makes easy listening and the words just sink in; same goes for Together We Can and How Love Is Supposed To Be. A must listen to record!
Wouter Kellerman - Grammy Award winning artist
Will Really Touch Your Heart-Strings
This new album by JC and Laney will really touch your heart-strings, not only through the nice song-writing, but also through the vocals from these two fine artists. These two vocalists really intertwine their sounds together, and when Laney comes in with her soulful sounds, it's wonderful.
Russ Suereth - Composer 

Serendipity  (2010)
Will Ceases Never Wonder  (2011)
Heartbreak & Paradise (2012)
Out of the Dust: Live (2012)
Heart of Steel (2013)
  As We Are (2014)  
Hard Road to Easy Street (2015)

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